Within the Cards’ Meanings section, I give each card one or more category.

On this page, you can see the cards group into their different thematic categories and what each one refers to.

The Significators:

The Petit Lenormand contains three Significator Cards: the Child, the Gentleman and the Lady. One of these three cards will be selected to represent the seeker in the reading.

The Child card will be used for a querent of either gender if they are aged <18. It is important to remember that the young person need not be the questioner. If a mother asks if her child will settle into her new school, the Child is the Significator by virtue of the question.

The Benefic Cards:

The five Benefic Cards are all associated with opportunities, betterment and success. The Cloverleaf provides a lucky break and the Stars help us chart a course to our aspirations, and so on.

The Malefic Cards:

The four Malefic Cards are associated with dark times, grief and losses. The Clouds, in particular, casts a long shadow in readings and can obfuscate and engulf cards which is known as clouding in the current vernacular.

The Communication Cards:

There are four cards which commonly denote some form of communication between the client and others. These are the Cavalier, the Birch Rod, the Birds and the Letter. Unlike the Cavalier and the Letter, both the Birch Rod and Birds’ cards’ communication is a secondary meaning.

The Letter refers to private conversations that are not face-to-face, e.g. by letter or telephone.

The Finance Cards:

There are five cards which can be connected to our financial affairs. Of these, the Fishes card is the master card (carte maîtresse) as it relates to our income. The Coffin and the Mice are cards that indicate losses.

The Health Cards:

There are five cards which can be read to determine our health and well-being. The Tree card itself is our personal constitution and vitality. In contrast, the Coffin card specifically relates to ill health and sickness. It is thus essential not to confuse the Tree and Coffin. The Coffin is the master card of illness.

The Movement Cards:

Four cards relate to travel and also movement in general. Both the Boat and Road cards can indicate actual travel. The Stork card, in contrast, heralds fresh starts and new chapters.

The Person Cards:

In addition to the Gentleman and the Lady cards, seventeen cards can be read as people. Twelve of these cards are the four Kings, Queens and Knaves. Of these, the Child (Knave of Spades) is the most utilised person card.

Alongside the twelve royal cards, the Cavalier, the Birds, the Bear, the Hound and the High Tower can all be read as people.

Unless the card is functioning as a predetermined Significator, one would not read the majority of these as people unless they are in conjunction with a Social Card. The exception is the House and Hound cards, which are also Social Cards, and the Child.

The Personal Sphere Cards:

The eleven Personal Sphere cards are cards that connect to our everyday lives (family, well-being, work, et cetera). The Hound is our entourage, Moon our status, the House card our home and neighbourhood, and so on.

The House and Child cards are the master cards of our home and personal life and children, respectively.

The Relationship Cards:

There are three cards within the deck that talks about love and relationships. These are the Heart, the Ring and the Anchor cards. The Ring is the master card of relationships.

Social Cards:

The four Social Cards are pictures that infer interaction with other people. The Park is also the card of social networking which includes platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, et cetera. The Hound is the master card of the entourage.

Time Cards:

The nine cards below all can indicate time. For example, the Stars is the card of night-time and the Lilies refers to winter.

Warning Cards:

The warning cards alert us to situations that need more thought and careful handling. Some of these cards are negative, and some are neutral.

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