Tree, away from the person, it is a sign of good health, several trees together there is no doubt that their wishes will be fulfilled and they will have brilliant future. 

Original Instructions

In the Grand Tableau, if the Tree card fell far away from the Significator, it was interpreted as a sign of good health. For this reason the Tree is sometimes read as a card of illness. However, that is not an association one agrees with and one that stems from a misunderstanding of the concept of proximity.

The Tree itself our overall constitution. When the Tree falls nearby, it is a sign of a focus on health and well-being. Depending on other cards, this could be as a result of illness. Otherwise, it’s often as a result of a change in outlook.

I had the Tree + the Lord in a GT prior to changing from a vegetarian to vegan diet. There was no illness. The motivation was primarily ethical and environmental but carried health benefits to someone, such as myself, with an autoimmune disease.

You require cards, such as the Coffin or Mice, to be near the Tree card before forecasting illness.

When the Tree appears in a reading, it is important to look at our environment. There is a need for a quiet place where we can rest, relax and restore our energies. Now is not the time to push ourselves. It enhances the environment and cards nearby can describe how to bring in the sense of harmony and calm serenity.

For this reason, the Tree is considered a slow card and a sign of steadfastness.

In the Grand Tableau, the cartomante also noted whether the Tree was in the vicinity of cards that showed other trees: the House, the Garden, the Paths, and the Sun cards. Such combinations occur rarely. However, whenever it occurs, it is considered a good omen.

Of course, a tree also has roots, and numerous branches – issues of ancestry and cultural identity can appear here, too. The card below the Tree will often denote matters related to our roots, background as well as familial illnesses.

In a Craft reading, the Tree is the Significator for the anima locus and also the red-thread or inherited fate. However, in combination with other cards, it can indicate the Upper, Mid and Lower Worlds.

The Tree at a Glance:

Essence: Constitution.

Playing Card: Seven of Hearts.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Health Card. Personal Sphere Card.
Keywords: Physical Constituition, Lifestyle, Environment, Relaxation, Ancestry, Patience & Steadfastness.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: 5 to 12 months, Maslenitsa.
Health: The general state of the body, how strong it is and the overall constitution.

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