Sun, near, you are enlightened by its rays and happiness grows, but if it is far away, all cools with discouragement in all enterprises and prepares for calamities.

Original Instructions

The Sun is the brightest star and the gravitational centre of our solar system. It is vital for food energy (photosynthesis), warmth, light and the precipitation needed for life.

Like its namesake, the Sun card energises situations and provides the required conditions for success.

If the Sun falls next to you, one can certainly expect to take centre stage and experience a period successful circumstances.

In readings, it is worth giving extra attention to the card that the Sun’s spotlight falls upon. Ordinarily, it will offer the client the greatest chance for satisfaction. I also note the card that crowns the Sun as it can be a source of achievement and betterment.

German readers often refer to the Sun card as großes Glück and contrast it with the Cloverleaf. Quite a few focus the Sun’s energy on career and finances. With regards to the Cloverleaf, Sun’s beneficence is indeed greater insofar as it’s longer lasting and further reaching. Its rays can shine on all areas.

With its generative force, the Sun is welcome in both love and fertility readings. If relationships have not been going well, the Sun should be a welcome sign. It promotes clear communication, warmth and sincerity. Of course, it can “heat things up” too.

The Sun is, of course, associated with energy in general. Depending on the circumstances, it may relate to electricity, adenosine triphosphate, and so on.

In matters of Arte, the Sun is the vital energy and the chthonic fire. It is also the card of numinous aware and intuition. With the Stars — Sun, it will often be read as energetic (cræft) intervention.

The Sun will be affected by Clouds. Without the Sun’s rays, situations cool. Frequently this proves too much and thus can show a loss of mettle. Nevertheless, I have noticed that the Sun can ameliorate the Clouds in some configurations. After all, we do sometimes seen dispersed clouds on the Sun card. The Sun can therefore presage better times in the future. Conserve your resources and bide your time.

In timing, the Sun can indicate both morning and Summer. It is also associated with South.

The Sun at a Glance:

Essence: Illumination.

Playing Card: Ace of Diamonds.
Polarity: Positive.
Category: Benefic Card. Time Card.
Keywords: Radiance, Enlightenment, Numinous, Energy, Warmth, Success.

Pace: Steady.
Timing: 31 days. 1 year.
Health: The central and peripheral nervous systems, the body’s overall energy and vitality.

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