Star, confirms good luck in all your enterprises, but if it surrounded by clouds, it indicates a long period of misfortune.

Original Instructions

Stars have long been utilised for navigation and the tracking of time. The Stars’ card carries these qualities in readings.

Quite a few few cartomantes state that this card is the wish card. It is not that simple. The Stars’ card does not grant wishes. Instead, it provides direction on how to realise our aspirations. The topic it joins is where our attention should be focused now. It is time for a deep dive.

Clarity and precision are strong a undercurrent of the card.

The Stars is a directional card. Naturally, it is Polaris: The Northern Star. With the Boat, you might travel north. However, the north can also be symbolic, e.g. cold, winter, the element of air, midnight. In fact in timing, it’s night.

Over time, the card has been associated with all things esoteric. Indeed the occult sciences can be related to the card. With the Book, one could read it as an actual gramarye. However, it might also be a physics textbook! The Stars’ encompass all the sciences, occult or otherwise.

Paired with a person-card, the person is intelligent and often some kind of specialist. They also stand out.

That “standout quality” has seen some readers associate the card with fame or success. I do not agree. The Stars can indicate some form of distinction. But fame and success come through the two luminaries: Moon and Sun.

Like the Road card, the Stars is strongly affected by the Clouds card. If one remembers that the Stars relate to clarity and direction, it is easy to understand why. Obscured from our sight, we lose our bearings and can go astray. The consequence is often walking mindlessly into trouble or a situation that proves far from fortunate.

Like the Fishes, the Stars is a multitude card. Here the abundance is expansive — spreading outward like stars above us.

In matters of Arte, the Stars is primarily the Cosmos and Celestial Spheres. However, it can be read as the psyche, in the true sense. With the Tree it is the Upper World.

The Stars at a Glance:

Essence: Navigation.

Playing Card: Six of Hearts.
Polarity: Positive.
Category: Benefic Card. Timing Card. Movement Card.
Keywords: Clarity, Direction, Science, Wish, Cosmos, Divination.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: Night-time. 2 – 3 weeks. Also: Lady Day.
Health: The skin and sleep disorders but will also indicate the progression of illnesses (metastasis, et cetera).

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