Ways, surrounded by clouds it is a sign of unhappiness, but away from this card and the person, there are ways or means to be found to escape a danger.

Original Instructions

The Road card is a fork in life’s direction. A decision must be made, and one must consider all factors carefully. Not all will go the same, and for some on this highway, the Road will be a parting point.

In readings, the Road card adds an uncertain and unreliable atmosphere which can sometimes perturb and disrupt us. Nevertheless, it is a sure sign that one has options – even if you cannot see them. Look at the cards around the Road. Carefully examine the cards around it. These are clues.

When the Road falls adjacent to the Significator, you can be sure that an intersection point in the querent’s life journey lies ahead. For that reason, it can be an indicator of anxiety. However, it cannot be avoided. If one tries to do so, the Road will continue to bring you back to the same place. It is not uncommon for the Road card to “haunt readings,” which is an indicator that the seeker is trying to avoid something.

The negative side of the Road often appears in relationships. It is “make or break time.” For that reason, it is a frequent sight in separations.

On the positive side, the Road can be an escape. If you are in an intolerable situation, the Road will offer a way out.

Like the Stars card, the Road is severely affected by the Clouds. If the Road is thus shadowed, one will often find problems converge. It will also be the wrong time to make any significant decisions as some factors will be either unknown or ignored with negative consequences.

Of course, the Road is also a Movement Card. Unlike the Boat card, these are shorter and more local. With the Cavalier one might go for a drive or a walk in the woods with the Tree card.

In Craft readings, the Road is the Crook’d Path and Stile. However, it can also indicate the Ley Lines and the Church Ways.

The Road is the Queen of Diamonds (dame de carreau), who is associated Rachel from the Tanakh. As such, we can read the card as a woman.

When read as a woman, the Queen is of a similar age to the client; often, she is somewhat cosmopolitan. As such, it can be taken as a friend, cousin, or sister. You will need to examine the cards touching the Queen to determine her role and temperament.

The Road at a Glance:

Essence: Decisions.

Other Names: The Ways.
Playing Card: Queen of Diamonds.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Movement Card. Person Card.
Keywords: Choice, Uncertainty, Intersection, Wandering, Escape, Separation.

Pace: Steady.
Timing: Between 2 – 7 weeks. Five months. December.
Health: The circularity system. Also: Alternative options and treatment possibilities, a second opinion.

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