Ring, on the right of the person it announces a happy and brilliant marriage, but if far and to the left, it announces the separation of two loves.

Original Instructions

Rings have long been used as signs of commitment. In readings, the Ring similarly denotes a partnership, pledge or contract. However, it also infers a responsibility and obligation.

Whereas the Heart discusses the emotional bond the seeker has, the Ring is the relationship in the formal sense. The cards around it will, therefore, be considered to judge the overall state of the partnership. For example, with the Mountain and the Mice cards, you can be sure that the partners are not spending much time together, which is undermining the relationship. With the Sun and Anchor cards, you have a strong and successful partnership.

The original instructions introduce a consideration as to whether the Ring falls to the left or right. It also infers that this is to be judged from the perspective of the Significator. Falling to the left, it can indicate that the client is moving away from a relationship. However, I would never interpret it as separation without the presence of ending cards such as the Coffin or Scythe. Very often, it just means that the querent is in a relationship, but that the partnership is not a focus.

Of course, the Ring can indicate contracts and other agreements that bring with it obligations and responsibilities. Frequently this will mean employment, but it can also be a mortgage or house lease. Again the presence of the Coffin, the Scythe or Mice can test these and end them.

A much ignored side of the card is that rings are circular with the two end parts melded together. There neither a beginning nor an end. For this reason the card infers repetition and cycles. With cards such as the Mountain, the seeker might find she keeps coming back to the same challenges repeatedly.

Traditionally, the Flowers + the Ring predict an engagement. With the Birch Rod, the Ring indicated the formal announcement of an engagement as well as the banns. However, these days, such meanings are not employed too often. With the Moon card it can indicate your relationship status. One of my clients had the Ring + the Moon + the Serpent as the first three cards in a Grand Tableau. She had changed her Facebook status to complicated a few days prior.

The Ring is the card of jewellery, as well as heirlooms and precious objects.

The Ring at a Glance:

Essence: Partnership.

Playing Card: Ace of Clubs.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Relationship Card.
Keywords: Union, Contract, Obligation, Cycles, Repetition, Jewellery.

Pace: Steady.
Timing: 25-days. Around six months.
Health: The Ring stands for illnesses which are chronic and progressive, and sadly, often incurable. It also frequently indicates co-morbidity, whereby two illnesses exist simultaneously; they do not arise one out of the other, but can exacerbate, or sometimes mask, each other.

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