Garden, announces good company, which you will soon enter, and when near it assures, again, a constant friendship; but far away, it is a sign of false friends.

Original Instructions

The Park card is straight forward. Primarily, the card denotes a location or organisation. Otherwise, it signifies communities and the people with whom we interact.

As said above, the Park frequently appears as a public space or organisation. It could be places of history or heritage (with the High Tower), hospitals (with the Coffin), gym or stables (with the Cavalier), courts or police stations (with the Birch Rod), cinemas (with the Moon), cosplay (with Renard), woodland (with the Tree), cemeteries (with the Cross). The place is identified through the adjacent cards and context.

Obviously, the Park is also a Social Card. It is social networking card par excellence. From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram and the weird and wonderful groups and forums you belong to online can all be signified by the Park. Of course, it need not be online. The different clubs and communities you frequent in person will also be there, too.

However, there is a caveat: the Park is open and free. It’s very egalitarian. Your top secret, members-only club will be the House card. Whereas the Park’s gates are open, the House’s doors are shut to some.

As such, the Park is not the card of covens (or otherwise) as some contend. It can indicate the outdoor space, or coven-stead, but not the coven itself.

When the Park card falls with the Significator, it will ordinarily denote good company and a social individual. If it follows the person-card, they are more of a Queen Bee personality. When it falls behind the person-card, they are more open and very much a social buttery.

The Park can thus be seen as offering new experiences and a way to expand our horizons.

It is a timing card. I read it as luncheon; a time when people meet to gossip, and often eat with people outside of their immediate family.

The Park at a Glance:

Essence: Community.

Playing Card: Eight of Spades.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Social Card. Time Card.
Keywords: Place, Organisations, Clubs, Social Networks, Socialising, Expansion.

Pace: Steady.
Timing: Luncheon. 2 months. Also: Allhallowtide.
Health: A hospital, doctors’ surgery, convalescent or nursing home, and so on. Can indicate illnesses spread by contact, e.g., herpes simplex, colds.

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