Moon, is a sign of great honour, if this card is located next to the person, on the contrary, if it is at a distance it announces misfortunes.

Original Instructions

Many readers struggle with the Moon card. Quite a few confuse it with the Tarot’s La Lune. But the Tarot’s trump is not the same as the Petit Lenormand’s Moon. In fact, they share little if anything in common.

To understand the Moon card, we must remember the light of the Moon is not her own. Hers is but a reflection of the Sun’s radiance. That is the key to the card. In a reading, the Moon paints a picture of how the Sun card in your life appears to others.

It is, for this reason, that it is associated with both fame and honours. After all, visibility is key to fame (recognition).

Should the Moon fall either far away, or with the Clouds or Mice, it often shows that the client struggles for recognition. They are not appreciated, and such people are often disillusioned.

It can also indicate self-esteem issues.

Most people achieve fame and recognition through careers. As such, the Moon card does have professional significations. If you are looking for employment or attending an interview, the cards around the Moon will describe the strength of your resume or how you appear to an interview panel. You need to impress and stand out (fame) to be selected (honour). The Moon can also be a gage of a person’s employment status.

That reflection can be applied to love readings. It will show what sort of catch the client is.

Otherwise, the Moon offers a reflection of the interests and hobbies of the client. What she finds fascinating. Think about it the Moon orbits the Earth, and likewise, the client will follow her interests. With certain cards that can be a little obsessive.

With the Park card, one might attend the cinema.

It has become de rigueur to associate the Moon with cycles. I do not agree. The Moon can indicate that a matter will wax and wane rather than be quiescent. It does not indicate that there is a cycle, per se.

The Moon is a timing card. It stands for the evening, but can also be read as the lunar month.

The Moon at a Glance:

Essence: Recognition.

Playing Card: Eight of Hearts.
Polarity: Positive.
Category: Personal Sphere Card. Benefic Card. Time Card.
Keywords: Acknowledgement, Honours, Status, Fascination, Influence, Reflection.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: Evening. Lunar Month. Also: Roodmas.
Health: Self harm. Eating Disorders. Body Dysmorphia. PTSD.

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