Mice, is a sign of theft, if it is near to the person, one will be able to recover what was taken; but if it is far away, the loss is irreversible.

Original Instructions

The Mice are known to purloin. In readings, the card brings a necrotic energy that can both spoil and undermine the seeker’s endeavours. This is often, although not invariably, financial or health-related.

When the Mice appears, the cartomante should note the cards either side. The card that falls to the left of the Mice is what is lost or stolen. In contrast, the card to the Mice’s right is what the querent can lose as a result. Think of it as soiled or ruined. You will find this easy enough to remember in the cards shown here: look at the upright mouse. He looks left.

Look at the cards below:

Here the seeker will lose a small amount of money that results in a further setback. The Cloverleaf can indicate a small amount of money, often what we carry on us. Perhaps you lost your rail fare and had to walk which made you late (the Mountain)? Another interpretation is the loss of a lucky break which means you have to work harder.

Here is another string:

This is a sad trio. The Mice eat away at our emotions (the Heart), which means we never known peace (Lilies). In a relationship, this would indicate never being able to be open with our partner. You always expect the worst.

Now the old caveat still stands. If the Mice are near to the Signficiator the loss can be avoided or recovered. You are more likely to notice something is off or missing if they are near. Hence you can get it back.

Like the Coffin, I see the Mice as a financial card that indicates a loss. Unlike the Coffin, the Mice do not result in a complete loss. However, one might be paying more interest than the actual debt or have an uneconomical car. But the classical meaning is that of a theft. Do not dismiss it. If this card falls with the Fishes, the Bear or the Cloverleaf check for hidden charges, small but regular debits or transactions you never authorised, et cetera. With the Moon card, perhaps someone is using your Netflix account!

Some readers believe that the Mice can eat positive and negative cards. For example, if you had the Mountain + the Mice the obstacle is removed. I have never found this to be reliable; the Mice are fast and efficient but cannot eat an entire mountain or even a scythe. However, others swear by it.

The Mice can real mice and rats. As such, be careful when they fall near the House card.

The Mice at a Glance:

Essence: Losses.

Other Names: The Rat(s).
Playing Card: Seven of Clubs.
Polarity: Negative.
Category: Warning Card. Financial Card. Health Card.
Keywords: Theft, Erosian, Ruin, Worries, Waste, Parasites.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: Within 24 hours.
Health: Ulcers, abscesses, necrotic tissues, tumours, metastasis or even parasites. Also: zoonotic diseases.

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