28. The Lord, is the dominant card in the game, along with card n. 29, and shows us the happiness or misery of the person consulting the cards.

29. The Lady, is of the same importance, as all is revealed according to its position in the game, despite the perspicacity of the person reading the cards.

Original Instructions

The Lord and the Lady are the two primary Significators. If the client is an adult one of these two cards will represent them. The specific card is determined by the client’s gender not their sex.

If you identify as female, then the Lady will be your Significator. In contrast, someone who identifies as male will be signified by the Lord.

The remaining card will be used to represent the most important person in the seeker’s life — usually the spouse or love interest, but it can be a friend or sibling. Context will decide.

As the principle Significators, these two cards are of extreme importance.

The Grand Tableau is a topocentric snapshot of life. The Significator is the measuring point. It determines engagement, the axes of influence, and the division of time. Their orientation in relation to each other and any cards that lie between them will all be considered.

The Lord at a Glance:

Playing Card: Ace of Hearts.
Polarity: N/A.
Category: Significator Card.

Timing: Spring. Six Months.
Health: Andrology related – vasectomy, testicular cancer, phalloplasty, et cetera.

The Lady at a Glance:

Playing Card: Ace of Spades.
Polarity: N/A.
Category: Significator Card.

Timing: Autumn. Six Months.
Health: Gynaecological – dysmenorrhea, cervical cancer, Bartholin’s cyst, et cetera.

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