Outside of the Grand Tableau, the tirages en ligne or linear draws form part of the so-called traditional Petit Lenormand spreads. Often – mainly when using lines of three or five cards – you will see such draws cited as the Lenormand’s tirage rapide or quick answer spread. Indeed, there is a celerity to be found in such patterns. However, it should not be assumed that lines of three or five are not without their challenges or depth.

Here we look at the Line of Three. This particular pattern has also become the preferred method for many readers to tackle yes and no questions and daily draws. The latter is a topic itself, and I have offered some advice on daily draws, here.

Before shuffling, I recommend formulating a clear and concise question. That question should not be two parted. If your enquiry is, one would recommend that you break it down and do two separate readings.

Once that is done, you shuffle the cards and deal three as shown below:

Unless I am doing a Grand Tableau or the le grand jeu du destin I prefer to draw the cards from a fan. Of course, that is a personal preference, and you should always shuffle, cut and draw in the manner you prefer.

If you prefer to use directionality, remember the cards should be both laid and read in the direction the Significator faces. For more information, please see: here.

Now that your cards are arranged before you, the draw is read through attendance.

In linear draws, cartomantes will often emphasise the middle card and also use a technique referred to as reflection or mirroring. We will do neither. Over time, I have found that these conventions have little information to add in readings using less than nine cards.

Instead, we will concentrate on the two pairings: 1 + 2 and 2 + 3.

These combinations must be related to the topic. For example, if you are asking where something is, and you found the Flowers with the Ring cards together, one would not interpret the cards as an offer of marriage. The cards would need to be read as a location: a trinket or jewellery box.

Let us look at some Lines of Three.

The first readings lines were done for two separate clients. Both women, however, were wondering whether giving their relationships another chance was the right decision. The two readings are thus a good contrast for the student.

Reading #1

The first woman asked: “Should we try the therapy (marriage counselling)?”

The Birch Rod + the Sun tell us that the therapy will allow them to resolve their differences. Remember the Birch Rod is a besom and can sweep up matters, which ensures we are all clear (the Sun) on where we stand. The Sun + Tree tells us that the marriage itself is not lost, and with the disturbances laid to rest harmony will be found.

The answer: Yes.

Reading #2

The second woman asked: “Am I wrong not to give him a second chance (as her family and friends had told her that she was)?”

The Scythe + the Park, here, tells us that the seeker ended her relationship with her partner as she felt unsafe in his company. Was this correct? The answer comes from Renard falling after the Scythe and Park. This was a wise move. Had Renard fallen before the Scythe, this would have been a wrong. However, cutting him out of her life was a smart move.

The answer: No.

Reading #3

The third querent asked: “Is it the right time (to retire)?”

The Cavalier + the Gramarye tells us that the question is premature. The Cavalier touches the left side of the Gramarye, so whatever information he is bringing is incomplete. The Gramarye + the Fishes infer that financial factors will change the circumstances considerably (the Fishes emphasise that there is a lot of information in the Gramarye still unknown).

The answer: Not yet. The client discovered she could not take her private pension for another eighteen months.

The next two readings have the same first and third cards. You will see how the differing central card and context completely alter dynamics.

Reading #4

The fourth querent asked: “Will I get the promotion?”

This is an extremely negative trio. We must note that the Mice fall in the centre: they steal what is to their left, causing a further loss in what is to their right. The querent is too inexperienced and will not do well (Stars + Mice), and as such, the job will go to another woman (Mice + Serpent). The Serpent’s presence, here, emphasises that the client will find this quite upsetting.

Answer: No. The client did not get the role and immediately sought another position.

Reading #5

A male seeker asked: “Will I meet someone new?”

Luck is definitely on his side. The Stars + Sun tell us that the path to new love is there. The Sun + Serpent do indicate that there will be a couple of awkward first dates, or minor problems, but he will meet a successful and intelligent woman (Sun + Serpent).

Answer: Yes.

So there is the Line of Three. Get reading!

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