The 9-card tirage en ligne is one of two spreads I use to answer a question if I cannot throw the Grand Tableau – often due to location or time. Savvy students will note that it is ¼ of a GT. It thus gives a short-term forecast but with a lot of detail (1 – 2 weeks).

In her ABC Tarot book, Colette Silvestre cites this draw as an alternative to the classical 3 x 3. Unlike Silvestre’s suggestion, I do not divide it into past, present, and future. I read the line using attendance and – if necessary – mirroring.

To create a line of nine, simply deal out nine cards either in a row or semi-circle. Some do prefer to place one of the cartes maîtresses in the centre, e,g. the Fishes for a financial reading. I do not. It’s up to you.

Once all the cards are in front you, you read them straight across vis-à-vis the question. Pull it together. With practice, a precise narrative will form; both direct and to the point.

If you’re new, seeing nine cards can be a bit intimidating. Take your time, remember the question, focus on the cards, and break it up (1 – 2, 2 – 3, 3 – 4, et cetera). Write down what you see, and at the end, summarise the whole reading as a short sentence.

Summarising what you see in a sentence may seem superfluous, but it helps train the cartomante to be both direct and precise and in keeping to context. It is far too easy to lose focus with combinations viewed outside the wider narrative.

Example #1:

The reading below was done in March (2020). The querent was worried about her financial situation due to the Coronavirus pandemic. She did not have a permanent role and worked as “temp” and was in a long-term booking. However, that booking was halted due to the situation. Will her (overall) situation change (as a result)?

The cards as they fell:

Clearly, it will to a degree. We can see that in the last three cards. But let us take a closer look.

Going forward, the Birch Rod and the Birds’ card indicate some tense discussions of be had. Sometimes these two falling together can be read as a parley, as both sides are at cross purposes. Also, there is going to be at least two people/groups liaising. That itself often complicates matters and causes stress.

The Birch Rod mirrors the Bear card which emphasises not just the magnitude of the situation but that this is also official matter (an order/edict).

There are three queens (Flowers, Road, and Serpent) that can indicate a rival. However, here, I felt that it was more lots of people in the same boat and everyone scrambling to secure the same security.

The Birds and the Book tell us that the financial incertitude will continue for a bit. The Birds both mirror the Child card and touch the left side of the Book. Clarity will not be forthcoming from these sources. People just do not know where things stand and cannot tell you much.

Interestingly, however, there is some aid going to be offered (Book + Flowers). The Book mirrors the Serpent card, so this is not going to be either straight forward or without some sort of consequence.

The Boat card falling to the Flowers’ right would suggest that this will not occur in the next day or two. There is no standout timing indicators, here. However, as the Boat is in the centre, one would expect the offer to come within seven to ten days.

The offer needs significant thought. The Serpent is to the Road’s right, which still emphasises the need for prudence. There is going to be several factors to consider, and failure to take that into account will have a consequence/entanglements.

Interestingly, the Boat and the Road are both movement cards. So this offer will involve some change in her circumstances. That is confirmed with the three tens (Book, Boat, and Bear). She won’t be back at work any time soon – at least in her current capacity.

There is a warning in the Serpent + the Child and two valets (Birch Rod and Child). Knee jerk reactions will likely cause problems at a later date.

Sadly, the Serpents’ venom will kill off the small (Child) savings that she has. And overall she will see reduction (Child + Bear) in her circumstances.

In May, I heard that the woman had been offered an alternative role. However, it would mean giving up the long-term booking — and she had no childcare. Consequently, she declined as that would potentially cause her more financial pressure later on.

She also has had to take a payment holiday, which in the long-term will cause her to incur more interest.

Example #2

Our second question came from a female querent, who is worried about her son and does not know what to do.  What can she do to help him?

The cards as they fell:

Straight away, we notice that the Lady is absent.  The Lady card is how the querent will manifest in the readings.  Consequently, if she is absent, then that person is not directly involved or engaged in the matter.  So, she cannot directly do anything i.e. help directly.

Despite the client’s good intentions (the Flowers and Sun), these quickly become overshadowed by the storm that is the Clouds proving that these will not be appreciated.  It will just fuel tensions further (the Birds).  Whatever is going on is private, as shown by the Book, which has its pages to the House and just the spine the unrestricted and lax Park.  In such circumstances, she should discreetly step-away and respect individual boundaries (the Boat and the Lilies).

Reflecting the cards emphasises the above, rather than telling us anything new.

Of note, the Birds and the Book cards warn against an unnecessary bruhaha.   Birds are noisy, and the card is all about the cacophony of the birds when startled and dispersing.  Lots of noise and flapping, over quickly.  And without the knowledge of the Book’s secret, it will be too easy to ruffle feathers and say something indiscreetly.   That really will double up the Clouds.  The Bouquet and Lilies tell us they appreciate and play by the rules.

There are two tens and three kings, which describe a change of scene and heeding the advice.  In light of the above, the Lady is best to change tactics and stop interfering. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.

The answer: Well-intentioned offers of help will be unappreciated and construed as interfering; the most helpful thing is to give him space.

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