Letter, without clouds this is sign that happiness will be derived from pleasant news coming from a distance; but if clouds are located in the vicinity of the person, they must expect many sorrows.

Original Instructions

Traditionally, the Letter card is illustrated with a unopened letter. As such, the card pertains to private communication. This will be between the seeker and another person.

At the time the cards were created, letters were the primary method of communication between individuals who were not face-to-face. These days, we also have telephone calls, e-mails, DMs, WhatsApp, et cetera. The Letter card can signify all of these methods of communication. Of course, it can still be a letter, too!

I see the card as neutral. The contents or tone of the communication can only be ascertained from the surrounding cards. With the Clouds or Coffin cards, it is often unpleasant news or sad tidings. However, if the light side of the Clouds touches the card, it is often a bad line or even illegible handwriting/rain stained.

The original instructions intimate that the client is the recipient. In practice, the client can be either the sender or recipient. I have found that if the Letter falls after the Significator, or ends a row, the querent can expect to receive the telephone call, letter, et cetera. When the Letter comes first, the querent makes the call or sends a message.

The Letter connects to all papers, documents, business cards, et cetera.

The Letter at a Glance:

Essence: Communication.

Playing Card: Seven of Spades.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Communication Card.
Keywords: Private Communication, Telephone Calls, Letters, E-mails, SMS, Paper.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: Same day. 2 – 7 Days.
Health: Fingers and the hand, in general. Otherwise, prescriptions and advice and guidance.

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