Key, when near it announces the successful end of a matter, but at a distance the opposite.

Original Instructions

With the correct keys, one can both lock and unlock the door. The Key card facilities access to the resources and support needed. Depending on the circumstances, the card can thus increase or curtail our position in realising a goal.

The Key is a very positive card in and of itself. Often although not invariably, there is an element of a fresh start involved when it is prominent. The client can close the door on the past and move forward. That can be in the client’s relationships, career, finances, and so on.

Should it fall near the Significator, it is a strong indicator that the client will have both the necessary resources and time to achieve her goals. When it falls at a distance, the inference is that it is not the right time. I would predict outright failure on that destiny alone.

In readings, we often note the cards on either side of the Key card. As a rule, it says ‘yes’ to whatever is to its left. This card is open and unleashed. In contrast, the card that follows the Key is almost certainly set to happen. It is locked in place.

If you look at the cards below:

One could read these three as: “I see, and say nothing.” Whatever is within the Book’s pages is out in the open, but the client’s strong feelings about it are still to be withheld. Expect a cooling but nothing more.

Let us reverse them:

These three show a low emotional intelligence. The emotions of the person prevent any real understanding. The Book will always be closed.

The Key can thus be read as signifying your passwords. It is also security in general. And keys!

In matters of Are, the Key has several associations. On the one hand it denotes access and levels of initiation. On a functional level it connects to binding and loosening.

In matters of Arte, the Key has several associations. However, the most common is access and binding and loosening.

The Key at a Glance:

Essence: Access.

Playing Card: Eight of Diamonds.
Polarity: Positive.
Category: Benefic Card.
Keywords: Security, Facilitation, Open and Close, Password, Solution, Keys.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: Around 8 months. End of June.
Health: The Key stands for tests and diagnoses, such as MRIs, bone density scans, or specialist screening questionnaires to diagnose communication disorders like autism. With the Scythe it can be keyhole or exploratory surgery.

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