House, signifies success and prosperity in all enterprises, even if the present situation of the person is unfortunate, he can expect a better future. If this card is located in the middle of the game, below the person, it is a warning to be on their guard regarding their surroundings.

Original Instructions

Of course, the House card is our home as well as the surrounding neighbourhood. We can also use this card in questions about relocation to either identify a property or location or to see if a place they have seen is going to be a good fit.

When the House card appears in a reading, it is a significant indicator that the seeker’s home or private life – “behind closed doors” – is relevant to the question. You should thus pay close attention to the cards surrounding the House. These will all have an immediate bearing on their situation.

Otherwise, it imbues a sense of comfort, belonging and security. If the client is unhappy, the cards around the House card can advise on what she needs to be more comfortable.

Traditionally, Lenormand readers noted whether the House card fell in the centre of the Grand Tableau. Such placement was considered unfortunate. In everyday practice, the House in such a position warns that our personal life might soon become a focus of interest.

Cards that point to betrayal and theft around the House card are worth noting. These can be the key to avoiding a nasty situation unfolding. Do note the following:

Although this pairing can indicate the completion of a house sale or letting (when one receives the keys), it can also warn that the property’s security is poor. It is an open house. The thief knows where you hide the spare key, et cetera.

Over time I have seen the House card consistently indicate that career progression should be “in house.” Consequently, it rarely means a change of employer. The client is far likelier to have success moving department, or more often, into a senior role at her current place of work.

The House card is the King of Hearts (roi de cœur), who is sometimes associated with Charlemagne. The card can thus be read as a person.

When interpreted as an individual, the King is a man who exerts a paternal influence over the seeker. Often this is either the father or the paternal grandfather (sometimes paternal uncles and brothers). However he can also be someone with whom the seeker resides, such as a flatmate. You will need to look at the cards that are touching the House card to ascertain both his temperament and role in the matter at hand.

Otherwise, the card the King of Hearts looks at is the dominant issue or topic of focus at home.

The House at a Glance

Essence: Home.

Playing Card: King of Hearts.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Personal Sphere Card. Person Card.
Keywords: Home, Personal Life, Domestic Affairs, Neighbourhood, Real Estate, Safety.

Pace: Steady.
Timing: A calendar month or within the quarter.
Health: The House represents the body as a whole. Nevertheless, it also signifies the skeleton and the bones.

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