Dog, very close, it is an assurance of fidelity and friendship; very far it indicates betrayal, and if surrounded by clouds it warns not to rely on those who call themselves friends.

Original Instructions

Readers wax lyrical about the Hound card. It is a token of friendship and faithfulness, they say. That is somewhat naïve.

Not all dogs are friendly—the original instructions accord with that. The Scythe + the Hound can deliver a nasty bite. Depending on how the Hound falls, it can be loyal or a false friend. As such, the card is neutral.

In readings, the Hound is first and foremost the seeker’s entourage. If it falls nearby, you know your seeker has people around him. The cards around the Hound must still be checked to determine whether these are true or ‘call themselves a friend.’ Free of either malefic or warning cards, you can likely judge the pack is tight. Again, the Hound infers more of a reciprocal or pack mentality rather than the devoted Lassie or Greyfriars Bobby archetype.

When the Hound falls adjacent to a Person Card, the person is someone the client knows. The association will be characterised more by frankness and straightforwardness than devotion. With topic cards, the Hound will infer a familiarity and experience, e.g. the Hound + the Book = information comes out, but the seeker was privy to it before the revelation.

As the entourage, the Hound can often be taken as the third party significator. For this reason, the Hound is sometimes used as an ex-partner. It is also an alternative to the Cavalier and Serpent cards in readings involving a same-sex relationship.

Traditionally, the Hound is shown outside with a kennel. He is either a guard or a working dog. It is for this reason I prefer referring to the card as The Hound.

The kennel is the Hound’s residence, situated within the grounds of your home. For that reason, he can signify a neighbour.

The Hound has a strong connection to our careers. If you supervise staff or employee people, the Hound will stand for these. Otherwise, it will be your colleagues; however, with the Birch Rod or the House card, it can be a union representative and human resources, respectively.

Of course, the Hound can signify our pets and dogs in general.

In matters of Arte, the Hound is most often the constructed Bid. However, in rare circumstances, the Hound talks of the shadow (as in the doppelgänger or etiäinen). It does not, in my experience, connect with the familiar-spirit which is the Serpent.

The Hound at a Glance:

Essence: Entourage.

Playing Card: Ten of Hearts.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Personal Sphere Card. Person Card.
Keywords: Company, Pets, Colleague, Familiarity, Ally, Bid.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: 18 day, 4 months. Also: St. Christopher’s Day.
Health: The mouth, tongue and teeth. Also, a medical professional.

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