Heart, is a sign of joy, happiness and of unity.

Original Instructions

Emotions and feelings are the topics of the Heart card. The cards it combines with will always touch us more closely and affect our emotional state. As such, the Heart card will disclose the seeker’s heart’s desire and what will get her blood pumping.

Quite a few cartomantes associate the Moon card with emotions. I disagree. Unless the Moon falls near the Heart card, it will not pertain to our emotional state. Even then, it just indicates that our feelings will be perceptible to others.

When the Heart card is in a prominent position, I always think of the Edith Piaf song La Vie en rose. Il est entré dans mon cœur, une part de bonheur… There is happiness and life feels good. The Stars, the Sun, and Lilies cards magnify the sentiment.

The flip side is that negative cards around the Heart result in emotional upheavals and despondency. With the Coffin one mourns. With the Mice card, your feelings eat away at you.

If the Heart card falls adjacent to the Significator, it is best to consider its placement. It can offer a degree of nuance that can be extremely helpful. For example, if it is below the Significator, the person feels deeply, and is often in love. The opposite is true if it is above her. Cupid has just turned her head. If it lies ahead her, then she is about to reveal her heart.

Of course, the Heart card is the card of love: romantic or platonic. If the seeker is single and looking for love, the Heart will be the card to analyse. The Cavalier with the Heart is a strong sign of a new admirer.

The Heart card is the Knave of Hearts (valet de cœurs), who is associated with Étienne de Vignolles called La Hire.

It’s thus possible to read the card as a young man, or the closest confidante (male or female) of the seeker.  However, this is rare.  The card instead is read as “Cupid” and denotes the major passion of the seeker.

The Heart at a Glance:

Essence: Emotion.

Playing Card: Valet of Hearts.
Polarity: Positive.
Category: Personal Sphere Card.
Keywords: All Emotions, You “Feel”, Love, Affection, Attraction, Cupid.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: 2 – 4 days. Also: July.
Health: The heart itself, but also the cardiopulmonary and circulatory systems in general. With the Serpent, sepsis. With the Mountain, thrombosis.

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