Bouquet of Flowers signifies happiness in all areas.

Original Instructions

Le langage des fleurs was en vogue throughout the late eighteenth and nineteenth century. However, the symbolic value flowers existed long before. Combinations of different blooms tell a story.

The Flowers card carries several such connotations. These are not wildflowers or even a manicured garden. The flowers we see on this card have been cut, arranged and wrapped with care and attention.

Depending on the individual context, the Flowers card infers offers and arrangements made. You will need to look at the surrounding cards for the specific detailed encoded within the floral arrangement.

Of course, floral arrangements have long been used for decorative purposes. The card thus connects with all beauty, design, craft and artistic pursuits.

The combination below is one I have seen repeatedly for tattoos:

The Flowers card carries an olde worlde flavour. Qualities of good manners, consideration, and even being kempt all fall under the Flowers, whether it is indicating a need for the querent to pay attention to these features or describing a person.

Of course, the Flowers can be read as actual flowers. It also indicates insects; especially bees, butterflies, caterpillars and spiders!

In itself, the Flowers card is positive. However, there is a neutral undercurrent. Bouquets are the classic runner-up prize or given during courtship. The intimation is that there is either compromise or some desired reciprocation. As such, a caveat contained within the card is to remember societal niceties and return the favour.

The Flowers is also the Queen of Spades (dame de pique), who bears the title Pallas which is an epithet of Athene. Athene herself was a weaver and has her own association with insects (Arachne).

Read as the Queen of Spades the card often signifies either a female friend or sister or other relatives on the maternal side. Sometimes the card can be used for an adult daughter. You will need to look at the cards around the Flowers to ascertain the person’s temperament and circumstances.

Traditionally, the Flowers is a timing card associated with Spring.

The Flowers at a Glance:

Essence: Arrangement.

Other Names: The Bouquet.
Playing Card: Queen of Spades.
Category: Personal Sphere Card. Time Card. Person Card.
Keywords: Courtesy, Agreement, Art and Beauty, Compromise, Agreement, Gift.

Polarity: Positive.
Pace: Steady.
Timing: 9-weeks. Spring.
Health: Allergies. Complementary and homoeopathic remedies.

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