Fish, prepares you to make a fortune by the sea, and series of happy enterprises; but if they are removed from the person, they are a sinister omen of the best of your projects being reversed.

Original Instructions

Most traditional Petit Lenormand illustrates the card with several fishes (more than one variety) swimming free in the ocean. Both the diversity and amount are useful mnemonics for the reader. The Fishes talk about plentifulness, supplies and depth. Oftentimes this is connected to the client’s finances and resources. Through its combinations, the cartomante can discern both the incoming and outgoings. As such, it is treated as the financial master card.

Whether you are an employee, an entrepreneur, pensioner or in receipt of benefits, the Fishes will describe the money coming that is coming in. It is your income. Should the card fall near to the Significantor, it infers that the client has resources that she can access easily. If it is far away, the flow of money is slower and less plentiful.

The cartomante should pay close attention to the cards around the Fishes as these will be essential to discern the overall financial picture. That is when our outgoings come in. Someone in persistent debt will often have the Mice, or the Coffin, nearby.

Over the last two years, the Mountain has tailed the Fishes in numerous readings. Quite a few of my clients have seen their benefits blocked and delayed due to changes. Here the Mountain creates a barrier that puts extra financial pressure on the client.

The Fishes can bring a sense of independence. After all the more financially secure we are, the less constrained we are.

In other readings, the Fishes will often indicate the depth and richness of the situation. For example, in love readings, it will mean the depth of feeling and how much someone is cherished. In terms of kith and kin, it says the querent has a full and rewarding home life.

I have always associated the Fishes with fertility. If someone is struggling to conceive, the cards around the Fishes will discuss ovulation and sperm counts.

In matters of Arte, the Fishes are the element of water. I associate it with the Ethereal Sphere.

The Fishes is the King of Diamonds (roi de carreau), who is associated with Caesar. We thus read the card as a man.

As with the Queen of Diamonds, the King will be of a similar age to the client; often quite cosmopolitan. He can be taken as a friend, cousin, occasionally a brother. You will need to examine the cards touching the King to determine his role and temperament.

The Fishes at a Glance:

Essence: Resources.

Playing Card: King of Diamonds.
Polarity: Positive.
Category: Financial Card. Person Card.
Keywords: Income, Wherewithal, Affluence, Depth, Independence, Water.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: 34-days. Seven to eight months. November.
Health: The urinary system. Also: oedemas, ichthyosis, hyperhidrosis, dehydration, alcoholism, gout, et cetera.

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