Cross, is always an ill omen, however, if it is very close to the person, it is such that the misfortune will not be long-lasting.

Original Instructions

Fate and destiny are two topics cartomantes like to associate with the Cross card. It is not a sentiment shared by the present author.

Crosses have become provincial. Their association is so dominated by the resurrection narrative that we have lost sight of their actual use: a tool of torture and execution. It was a brutal end being both slow and painful.

As such, it should be no surprise that the card is a harbinger of pain and hardship. It heralds a time that brings suffering and hurt that will weigh heavily on you. The cards around the Cross card will all betray a feeling of heaviness, particularly the card beneath it. That card will be strong and immovable.

The Cross card is the Petit Lenormand’s abscissor (Latin for cutter-off, which, in divination, is often given to the killing planet in the birth chart). It is thus a vital timecard but also signifies the marking of time in general. You can see this in the image: the horizontal and vertical parts form a crossroads, with the intersection point being the present.

We therefore see the Cross as the picture of the current moment.

It is for this reason that we note the cards either side of the Cross. The card that falls before it begins to wane and diminish. In contrast, the card after the Cross is waxing and increasing. You can thus say that the former is the present becoming the past and the latter is the future becoming the present.

The cards below are excised from a Grand Tableau for a female client. The Lady card was positioned immediately to the left of the Tree card.

The Tree falling to the left of the Cross card tells us the very roots of the client’s life are being dug up. She knows no peace. The High Tower falling to the Cross’ right tells us that this will be both life-changing and lonely. That sense of isolation will continue as the Cross extends its shadow in the form of the High Tower.

As the Lilies and the Stars fall after the High Tower, we know these are auguries of events further on in time. The Lilies and the Stars are like a cold blizzard but cathartic, too. Despite feeling isolated from her family (High Tower + Lilies), peace will return, as finds a renewed sense of purpose (Lilies + Stars).

These cards were drawn for a woman who was going through divorce proceedings while her mother was in the final stages of pancreatic cancer. You can see all the sides of the Cross in this line.

Of course the Cross card is associated with religion and spirituality.

The Cross at a Glance:

Essence: Pain.

Playing Card: Six of Clubs.
Polarity: Negative.
Category: Malefic Card. Time Card.
Keywords: Hurt, Debilitation, Burdens, Trauma, Crossroads, The Present.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: The present. Also: Midwinter.
Health: Lower back and lumbar discs. Also, pain and debilitation in general.

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