8. Coffin, close to the person, signifies chronic serious illness, death and the loss of all fortune. When away from the person card it is less dangerous.

Original Instructions

First and foremost, the Coffin is a permanent ending. Secondly, it is a card of sickness.

An ending addressed by the Coffin card is final. Unlike the Mice, there is no potential recovery or avoidance. Mercifully, it is not drawn-out as is often the case with the Mice card. The matter ended by the card also seldom comes as a surprise.

Such permanency can make some cartomantes uncomfortable. However, all things have their season. The Coffin marks the end of the chapter. It is over; it is not transforming.

The cards below should help clarify the Coffin:

Here, the connection signified by the Ring has ended. The pall over the Coffin helps remember this. The card after the Coffin is also affected. It becomes wan or ailing. Here it is the Heart, which can say is bruised and mourning the loss of the Ring card.

The Coffin is the carte maîtresse of sickness. That is of particular concern when the Coffin is near the Significator or the Tree or both. In fact, if the Coffin is next to a person-card take note.

The nature, or cause of the ailment, is delineated from the cards around the Coffin. However, the Coffin comes with a caveat that it requires some form of treatment or adjustment in the client’s life. I must remind you that the cards cannot be used for diagnostic purposes, and to do so would likely result in prosecution for the illegal practice of medicine (even if you are a doctor, nurse or psychologist in most countries). So be sensible.

Traditionally, the Coffin falling nearby was also seen to augur a financial loss. Over time this idea has been forgotten; however, it does hold true. As such, it is worth exercising caution whenever it falls near cards of money or appears in a financial draw. Thus the Coffin is a finance card, too.

Although not a traditional timing card, the Coffin can indicate twilight when next to the Sun card. The Sun + the Coffin is between sunset and dusk. The Coffin + the Sun is between dawn and sunrise.

Another factor is that the Coffin can stand for refuse and waste, as well as underground, boxes and your bins.

The Coffin at a Glance

Essence: Ending.

Playing Card: Nine of Diamonds.
Polarity: Negative.
Category: Malefic Card. Health Card. Finance Card.
Keywords: Final, Ending, Grief, Sickness, Financial Loss, Refuse.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: Between eight weeks and eight months, Lammastide.
Health: Debilitating and chronic illnesses that are hard to treat, such as myalgic encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis.

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