2. Clover, brings luck, but if surrounded by clouds it is an omen of many sorrows; if this card is near to the one that represents the person, the sorrow will not last for long and there will be a happy ending.

Original Instructions

Chance and a brief window of opportunity are the messages of the Cloverleaf card. For a short time, life seems genuinely charmed. You can expect a lucky break, a chance encounter or a small windfall.

In fact, in finance readings, the Cloverleaf can denote the cash we carry on us or keep saved at home.

The Cloverleaf can indicate an actual charm or talisman whether it be a real shamrock, lucky penny, lucky socks et cetera. If it falls next to a person card, the seeker will often find that the individual becomes their saving grace or somehow proves beneficial to the client’s situation.

It is the card of herbs and vegetables. There is an earthy quality of the Cloverleaf. The happiness and pleasure it brings are often those associated with the simple pleasures in life.

The negative side is that the Cloverleaf is fleeting. It grants one the opportunity to achieve something rather than the outcome. You might meet Mr Right, but without seizing the day, he might still slip away. So carpe diem!

The short-term, or brief duration of the Cloverleaf, can be absorbed by a card it finds itself alongside. For example, the Boat + Cloverleaf will be a short journey.

In matters of Arte, it denotes wortcunning. The cards around the Cloverleaf will indicate the remedial qualities or properties needed. That allows the practitioner to select the appropriate plants.

Traditionally, the Cloverleaf can be severely afflicted if found in combination with the Clouds card. Then the Cloverleaf is often an unfortunate omen. However, in my experience, it often means that any present difficulties will continue for a bit longer but not forever.

The Cloverleaf at a Glance

Essence: Chance.

Playing Card: Six of Diamonds.
Polarity: Positive
Category: Benefic Card. Finance Card.
Keywords: Chance, Luck, Talisman, Herbs & Vegetables, Nice Surprise, Brief.

Pace: Fast.
3 – 4 days or one week at most. Also: St. John’s Eve.
Health: Deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, especially those we get from vegetables and fruits.

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