6. Clouds, when the light side faces the person, it is a happy sign, but if it is the dark side, then some problem will soon appear.

Original Instructions

The Clouds card foretells a disturbance in the environment – and not a small one. It engulfs and obfuscates situations and people, casting a dark shadow and unpleasant miasma over circumstances.

Of course, storms pass; however, that does not mean such difficulties will be a bagatelle! Ask anyone who has had their home flooded or suffered due to an environmental disaster.

It is crucial not to fall into the trap of equating the card with confusion. The Clouds do not “mean” confusion. Think about it: do you become confused each time you see a cloud? No.

Although the Clouds can leave one confused and uncertain, these are symptoms of the card, rather than what it does. The Clouds create a storm in the environment and problems.

Traditionally, the cartomante noted the dark and light side of the Clouds. Some patterns do not have clearly defined pictures. For such decks, one can use the direction the King of Clubs faces as the dark side. In the deck used here, the dark side is thus on the right.

The dark side is from where the storm will blow; what will become engulfed in problems. The lighter side can sometimes offer help.

Of note is that the card below the Clouds is usually the present challenge facing the querent. In contrast, the card above is the problem on the horizon, arising from the card on the dark side of Clouds, if she does not take suitable action.

Look at the cards below. These cards show that a child’s continual bad behaviour will begin to cause problems in a relationship.

The Ring touches the dark side of the Clouds. We can thus say the Lady will experience problems in her relationship. Why? There are behavioural problems with her child (the Child card falls under the Clouds). That will undoubtedly make home-life unpleasant going forward (House card above the Clouds). The Ring is a card of repetition. As such we can be sure this is ongoing and not new.

Now, the original instructions infer that if the light side of the Clouds face the Significator one can experience luck. I have never found this idea reliable or true. What I have discovered is that if the light side faces the Significator, the problems are of shorter duration, already present or less severe.

As mentioned above, the Clouds is also the King of Clubs (roi de trèfle), who is sometimes associated with Alexandre the Great. We can, therefore, read the card as a man.

When read as a man, the King is a contentious and combative figure with whom we will struggle with. Often this is an ex-partner or someone in the professional sphere who acts as a bully. If utilised as a Significator one will need to examine the cards around the Clouds for further information on the person.

Severe weather is foretold with the Clouds card. It also indicates the air and atmosphere in general. In combination with the Tree card, it can thus mean tree pollen, with the Coffin, noxious smells or polluted air, et cetera.

In matters of Arte, the Clouds sometimes indicate the presence or interference of Shades and other psychic remnants. However, it is primarily concerned with either the World of Thought and also the shade (light or dark) of operative practice.

The Clouds at a Glance

Essence: Disturbance.

Playing Card: King of Clubs.
Polarity: Negative.
Category: Malefic Card. Weather Card.
Keywords: Disturbance, Obfuscation, Darkness, Bad Weather, Atmosphere, Pollution.

Pace: Slow.
Between June and October, a slow card.
Health: The lungs and respiratory system, as well as airborne infections and seasonal illnesses (influenza).

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