Child, is a sign that you have good support, are full of goodness, and well regarded within the world.

Original Instructions

Naturally, the Child is the card of children. Should the Querent have more than one child it is not uncommon for one to take centre stage. However, in a Grand Tableau one child might be read about in the horizontal combinations. Another might appear in the diagonal lines. So delineate with care.

The Child card is one of the three main Significator cards. If the Querent is under 20-years-old, the Child rather than the Gentleman or Lady cards is used. Similarly, if the question concerns someone under 20-years-old, you would use the Child card.

Outside of the client’s children or grandchild is rare for the Child card to signify children. If not read as a child, the card carries a sense of freshness, spontaneity and joie de vivre. On a more negative level, there is potential for immaturity, bad-tempered behaviour, and youth’s arrogance.

Quite a few people associate the Child card with new beginnings. Yet, the classical picture never shows a baby. As such, the Child indicates something established but still in its early stages. The card that follows the Child will often tell what has recently been started. If asked about changes and new starts, the Child card advises giving the existing circumstances additional time. You can still make a go of it.

The Child also indicates that something ‘small’ or ‘little.’ It can be literal or metaphorical. A person might be short in stature or “green” junior. When the Child follows the Fishes, it can indicate a little money. Depending on the context this can mean that the querent is poor – he only has that little bit.

The original instructions focus on the Child as a sign of the esteem in the eyes of others. Over time, I have found that the association holds at times.

The card is the Knave of Spades (valet de pique) associated with Ogier the Dane. When read as either a child or adolescent, the card is gender-neutral. However, as a spades card, the Valet itself is often also read as a young woman and mirrors many of the Cavalier’s associations.

You will need to examine the cards around the Valet for specific details.

The Child at a Glance:

Essence: Youth.

Playing Card: Valet of Spades.
Category: Significator Card. Person Card. Personal Sphere Card.
Keywords: Child(ren), Tender, Little and Growing, Freshness, Spontaneity, Immature.

Polarity: Neutral.
Pace: Fast.
Timing: Within 12 hours. 13-days.
Health: Traditional childhood complaints, such as chickenpox, growing pains or whooping cough as well as minor infirmities such as a cold.

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