Cavalier, indicates good news, but a little far away, it can relate to the person’s home or come from foreign countries. This card is a messenger of good fortune when it is not surrounded by cards of a sinister nature.

Original Instructions

Often the Cavalier is said to signify news. However, it’s essential to remember that the illustration shows a herald sent forth. As such, it is more accurate to say he foretells the arrival of someone bearing tidings.

Even in combination with the Letter card, one is far likelier to receive couriered parcels or documents that either require a signature or are handed to you rather than pushed through the letterbox.

The card the Cavalier “rides away” from will often shed light on his tidings. If a person-card falls behind him, it is also not uncommon for that person to be the visitor.

Traditionally, the reader noted how far away the Cavalier fell from the Significator in the Grand Tableau. If it was far away, it was said the news came from abroad. However, in everyday practice, the farther away the Cavalier falls often indicates that the information he bears concerns a relative or friend rather than the client herself. The reverse is true if it falls nearby.

Over time I have found that the Cavalier denotes an introduction. Often this has been in questions concerning employment or relationships. As such, if you are looking for a job or career change, keep your ears to the ground. Chances are someone in your circle, or contact list, know of a job and can help you.

Similarly, in love readings, if the Cavalier is prominent, the client is often introduced to their new beau through a friend or mutual acquaintance.

As a messenger, the Cavalier can be male or female. However, he is also utilised as a male Significator. This is most common in love readings.

Depending on the circumstances, the Cavalier can be someone the client is attracted to but does not know well or someone she is soon to meet. The latter is far likelier. However, the Cavalier can act as the classic chevalier servante. He is also the same-sex partner card for men.

At the time the cards were created, horses were still how most people travelled. These days, the Cavalier’s horse is our car or bike, et cetera. In combination with cards such as the Coffin or the Scythe, one might find their vehicle breaksdown.

Of course, the Cavalier can still be a horse. As equestrianism is a sport, we can also see the Cavalier as the card of exercise.

The Cavalier at a Glance

Essence: Messenger.

Other Names: The Rider and The Horseman.
Playing Card: Nine of Hearts.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Communication Card. Person Card.
Keyword: Visitor, Messenger, Introduction, Vehicles, Exercise, Young Man.

Pace: Fast.
Timing: 1-day, within the week, St. George’s Day.
Health: All ligaments, the legs, knees and ankles. Can also indicate the need for physiotherapy, but primarily stresses the importance of exercise.

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