Book, communicates a secret, and its position allows us to judge what it concerns; however, we must proceed with caution in this regard.

Original Instructions

When the Book card appears, people often immediately think of secrets. Such mysteries are part of the card’s essence. However, salacious revelations and shocking intrigues seldom appear.

The chief secret of the Book card is knowledge. Within its pages hide the vital information the seeker needs to realise her goals. Its appearance signals that there is still details unknown, and therefore, initiating plans at the present moment would be premature. As such, the client is advised to do further research and exercise caution.

For this reason, the Book stresses the importance of patience, reflection, and open-mindedness. These qualities will be needed to succeed in the topic of enquiry.

Of course, secrets can be more startling. The presence of the Clouds, the Scythe and Renard all point to nasty surprises.

Naturally, the Book also the card of education. Paired with the Park card it can denote schools, colleges, universities as well as libraries, book shops and Goodreads! It’s also the card of blogs.

The Book can indicate books as well as your Kindle or e-Reader.

The Book at a Glance:

Essence: Mystery.

Playing Card: 10 of Diamonds.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Warning Card.
Keywords: Information, Education, Intelligence, the Unknown, Secret, Books.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: 27-days. Around 6 six months.
Health: The brain and cognition. Can also indicate rare or undiagnosed (rather than misdiagnosed) illnesses.

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