Ship, indicates wealth obtained by commerce or by inheritance; it also means travel when it is located near the person.

Original Instructions

Of course, the Boat card signifies travel whether it be by land, sea or air.

If it happens to fall next to the Significator in the Grand Tableau, you can be confident the seeker will travel soon. You will need to look to the surrounding cards to ascertain the destination or nature, e.g. whether it be for business or pleasure.

However, the Boat indicates movement in the broader sense. You can use the Boat card to look at the course the seeker is on.

Alternatively, the Boat can advise on where the seeker can expand their horizons. That can be quite useful for entrepreneurs looking to reach a more extensive clientele. The card the Boat approaches can thus be an indicator of where the entrepreneur needs to look for more sales/increase their market.

Historically, sea voyages were slow. Consequently, the Boat can indicate the querent is waiting for her ship to come in or longing for someone or something. The latter is common in love readings if the client is single.

When the Boat falls to the far right – in either a line or GT – it is a strong indicator that there are other matters to considered and resolved before the subject at hand. That can be disappointing, but it is not necessarily negative. Whatever the client desires is just beyond the horizon.

Traditionally, the Boat was associated with inheritances. I do still see this association from time to time. Often there is a Heart or Spades’ card to the Boat’s right which advises whether the inheritance comes from the paternal (hearts) or maternal (spades) side of the family.

Consequently, it can also augur a death; however it is seldom unexpected and tends to be of natural causes.

The Boat at a Glance:

Essence: Travel.

Playing Card: Ten of Spades.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Movement Card.
Keyword: Traveling, Long Distances, Movement, Enterprise, Inheritance, Waiting.

Pace: Steady.
Timing: At least 3 months. Rarely 3-weeks.
Health: The liver, spleen, pancreas and gall bladder and movement and attachment disorders.

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