Birds, signifies troubles that we will have to endure, but only for a short time. Far from the person this card is a sign of happy journey.

Original Instructions

If the Birds appear feathers are ruffled. You are warned that there is some brouhaha on the horizon. Yet, just as birds fly from branch to branch and never settle for long periods, so will the situation.

We all know birds are vocal. We see that in the card. However, these are not songbirds. The emphasis is thus on “noise” as different people are screeching in your ear. If the Birch Rod leaves you feeling bruised, the Birds have you feeling mobbed. And then they all scatter.

As such, the Birds card is transitory.

You will need to look at the cards around the Birds to see what the commotion is all about. It imbues a jittery and nervous quality to cards.

Quite a few cartomantes associate the card with telephone calls. However, I find the Letter better represents a ‘phone call.

It is often contended that the Birds’ card is one of several ‘double’ or ‘two’ cards. Within the folklore of the cards, some cards are held to be quantitative – some by iconography, others by their numbers. The quantification is nothing more than a description provided by the ‘B’ card in an ‘A’ – ‘B’ pairing.

The Birds two comes from the design as the card is often illustrated with two birds. It is not, however, universal; there are Birds’ cards with just one bird, and a few are illustrated with three or four. Thus, attention must be paid to the number of birds on the card.

If the Birds card indicates a “two”, it’s often a twosome: sweethearts, twins, an aunt and uncle. For this reason it can be a Person Card.

The Birds is the card I associate with conception. The dominant motif in traditional patterns is that they are nesting birds, some of which specifically show the young.

The association between gravidity and the Stork has become de rigueur in recent times. After all, we all know the stories of the storks delivering babies – but deliver and conceive are not the same. Besides, few traditional Lenormand decks show nesting storks. The traditional design is a single, wading stork. Thus it is the Birds foretell a pregnancy.

In timing, the Birds are Eastertide.

The Birds at a Glance:

Essence: Noise.

Other Names: The Owls.
Playing Card: Seven of Diamonds.
Category: Communication Card. Warning Card. Person Card.
Topic: Brouhaha, Ruffled Feathers, Unease, Noisy Environment, Pregnancy, Twosome.

Polarity: Neutral.
Pace: Fast.
Timing: Within two weeks or two to three months. Eastertide.
Health: The Eyes. However, it often indicates anxiety, stress, morning sickness and all pregnancy-related illnesses, e.g. gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

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