Bear, signifies happiness, but warns of the need to avoid conversations with those who envy.

Original Instructions

The Bear emphasises power and size in a reading. After all, bears are large and predatory animals.

Whereas the Child says something is young or small, and the High Tower that it is old or tall, the Bear says something is big and mature. But the big is not fat. It is muscle and well-built.

Bears are habituates. Similarly, the Bear card conveys a sense of habit that infers constancy. The area it shows up in is secure but perhaps not the most exciting. However, the force is there if changes need to be made.

The card below the Bear can often be harnessed by the client for their betterment. It is their power or resource.

Quite a few readers see the Bear as the “money card.” Since money is a form of power, the Bear is a good gauge of where you currently stand in terms of individual prosperity. However, this isn’t so much about your salary. Remember Bears store fat. During winter, bears metabolise that fat to protect muscle by converting it to proteins. So the Bear talks about savings’ accounts, work pensions, stocks and shares, health or life insurances. It is about how your money is working for you.

The original instructions record a warning against envy. It is a caveat contemporary cartomantes largely ignore but does stand. Contrary to fiction, bears are not territorial, and areas are shared. However, bears respect both personal space. The Bear card advises you do the same. Just because you share some space, it does not mean all will wish you well.

The Bear card is a person card. Over time there have been several debates over the Bear’s gender. The card is gender-neutral; determination occurs through circumstances.

If the Bear falls with the House or Lilies cards, it often signifies a parent. Sows raise bear cubs; boars are not involved. Likewise, the parent represented by the Bear will often be the mother. That is not because the Bear is “female.” It is because mothers are ordinarily the primary caregiver. It can be a man if he fulfils this role.

In career questions, the Bear will typically signify the boss or supervisor of the client. Again, this can be a man or a woman. With the Birch Rod, the Bear can be an official that has the power to reprimand. With the Park a social influencer or public figure.

The Bear at a Glance:

Essence: Strength.

Playing Card: Ten of Clubs.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Person Card. Finance Card. Personal Sphere Card.
Keywords: Power, Courage, Habituate, Possessiveness, Stocks, Parent or Authority Figure. .

Pace: Slow.
Timing: 15-weeks min. 15 months. November.
Health: The stomach but more often, illnesses that impact upon hair growth such as alopecia and adrenal hyperplasia.

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