Anchor, is the sign of a successful enterprise at sea, and a great advantage in commerce and of a faithful love; but if at a distance indicates a total error in your ideas and love that proves fickle.

Original Instructions

An anchor weights a boat to the seabed preventing it from drifting in the current or wind. In readings, the card lends it weight, thereby grounding matters and tethering us to places and people. It is thus a picture of stability and constancy.

The stabilising influence of the Anchor card has seen it often interpreted as a positive card. This is not so. It can tether one to situations and people, which can be to our benefit or detriment. With the Clouds, we become entrenched in an unpleasant miasma. Paired with the Sun card successes are stable.

As such one should see the Anchor card as wholly neutral.

Like Renard and the Moon cards, the Anchor is a favourite “work card.” No card should be read as work itself. In matters of employment, the Anchor denotes the steadiness and security we enjoy. That also applies to those who freelance or are entrepreneurs. You will consider the Anchor to see how stable the business is and if roles will continue or be cut.

The Anchor is also vital relationship card. The Heart talks of the emotional bond and the Ring the union. The Anchor tells us the commitment factor. With the Bear card one, the relationship is strong foundations. The Scythe, however, set you both adrift.

For this reason, it is part of the Personal Sphere and Relationship categories.

Traditionally, the Anchor is shown on a beach. It is, for this reason, we read the card as the coastline, harbours, jetties, and so on.

The Anchor at a Glance:

Essence: Stability.

Playing Card: Nine of Spades.
Polarity: Neutral.
Category: Personal Sphere Card. Relationship Card.
Keywords: Secure, Ground, Weight, Constancy, Harbour, Coastline.

Pace: Slow.
Timing: Three to Five Months. Also: St. Nicholas’s Day.
Health: The hips and pelvic bones. Body Habitus and Obesity. Can also indicate whether recovery is stable.

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