In the previous module, you were introduced to the narration technique. Narration can be seen as the bare bones of an answer. It outlines the events and circumstances which occur almost as if it is was a sentence.

However, a skilled cartomante will further refine her reading and add in essential details. Such fine-tuning is done through a technique I refer to as specification.

Just as the word “feed” describes something different if preceded by the word “animal” or “social,” cards will be qualified by their attending partner. We do this through the AB method which cements a very, very important rule:

AB is not the same as BA.

While both combinations will be similar, which card comes first will have significant implications.

A simple analogy is:

  • Card 1 is like a noun. Nouns denote a person, object or place.
  • Card 2 is like an adjective or verb. Adjectives describe or seek to qualify a noun, and verbs express conditions or actions.

When I first started writing about and then teaching the Petit Lenormand, I used the noun and adjective analogy as a teaching aid. Ten years on, I am hesitant to press it too much. I never intended cartomantes to utilise the technique indefinitely. It was just a way of introducing and familiarising students with combinations. Card B itself is not an adjective or a verb. However, it describes card A, which can be likened to an adjective.

Let us look at a quick trio:

These three pictures can be translated as the arrival (Cavalier) of a message (Letter) concerning money (Fishes). That is the basic narration.

Let us apply the AB method to the three cards above:

We know the Cavalier (A) is a visitor. He is being described, here, by the Letter (B). Cavalier – Letter is thus a messenger or courier. Consequently, we know we are not dealing with a telephone call.

The Letter (A) – Fishes (B) can indicate a wet letter. In the context of the Petit Lenormand, is more often a cheque or bank statements.

Putting the two statements together, a courier and cheque, we have a postal or money order arriving.

As you can see, the A B takes the bare bones of narration and adds meat to the interpretation. With context it allows you to be specific.

Looking at the A + B Pairs:

Specification itself is not hard. If you look closely at your cards, you will see that each one can easily be seen as a description or action. That is all cards do in the B position. They become the guise of card A.

Let us look at some pairs:

Cavalier (A) + Serpent (B):

Someone calls on you in a roundabout way or is late. The Serpent is associated with detours and tangents. So, the Cavalier takes a detour to you. One could also read it as a woman visits.

Renard (A) + Child (B):

The little liar! The Child is little and petite. So, we have a small lie or a dishonest child. Out of the mouths of babes!

Letter (A) + Heart (B):

The Heart card indicates feelings. Describing the Letter card, it talks of ‘phone calls or messages of an emotional nature. It will make you feel something.

Park (A) + Moon (B):

The Moon often describes something as occurring in the evening. So these would be an evening venue or an event held in the eventide. Also: Movie Theatres and Cinemas. The Silver Screen!

Let us switch the cards around. As I mentioned before, the two pairings will be similar because it is the same cards. But the all important little details will change.

Serpent (A) + Cavalier (B):

The Cavalier is elegant and fit. So we have a well-dressed and virile woman. However, the Serpent warns of entanglements and going off the beaten track.

Child (A) + Renard (B):

What a precocious child! The Child receives Renard’s intelligence and aloofness. Forward but also reserved. Of course, the child might be red-haired, too.

Heart (A) + Letter (B):

Je suis fou de toi… Check your Inbox or DMs. Someone is about to say how they feel.

Moon (A) + Park (B):

Yey! The group likes you. You might get a retweet, certification or award from an organisation or influencer. That’s nice, but it is just from one group. Another interpretation could be a famous location or Hollywood.

The Petit Lenormand © abCartomancy 2010 – 2020

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