The Signum Crucis is the term I apply to a form of correlation that focuses on the cards that touch either the Significator or other Key Card horizontally and vertically.

These will be as indicated below:

These four cards can be utilised to describe a person or topic. That includes a physical description. If using the cards in this way, emphasis should be given to cards D and A. This because these are natural B placements in terms of the A + B pairing (dealt after the Significator card in a GT).

However, in terms of correlation, these cards are primarily read in terms of an individual’s situation and circumstances.

To understand this I draw your attention to the follow:

  • A – Is Beneath the Significator
  • B – Is Behind the Significator
  • C – Is Above the Significator
  • D – Is Before the Significator

In terms of past, present, and future, the circular movement from A to D is immediately apparent.

In the cult sci-fi show, ‘Doctor Who’, the title character bemoaned mankind’s misconception of time being linear, an ‘A to B’ journey of cause and effect or left to right. He is quite right. Time is not linear. Modern physics is showing us that time is multi-dimensional – the fourth – and consists more of layers than a line.

In this setup, time flows ‘around’ the cards:

We start beneath the Significator (A) because, as archaeologists know, the past is beneath us. Whether cremated or buried, we all end up part of the Earth’s soil. It is the oldest graveyard.

The card on the left (B) is the recent past or the present moment becoming the past.

Card C is the future becoming the present.

Finally, we end with card (D) which is tomorrow or the approaching future.

This can be refined a bit more in reading the Grand Tableau when one deals with matters in the more distant future or past. However, for the primary correlation, these stations can provide the reader with enough information to understand the circumstances the client finds herself in.

Let us look at a quick example:

These cards indicate that after a quiet and uneventful period in her life (the Tree), the Lady has taken a new direction (Road).

Cupid will soon turn her head, as the Heart is above her. This leads her to start developing feelings for the Lord (card D) who she shall quickly encounter.

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