Polarity refers to the classification of cards as positive, negative and neutral. Of the thirty six cards, thirty four are divided into these categories.

Because they are the cards spoken about, the Lord and the Lady have no value on this scale.

The Positive Cards:

The Negative Cards:

As you can see, the eight positive cards are counterbalanced by eight negative cards. 

The Neutral Cards:

The remaining eighteen cards are neutral. Several of these cards contain facets which can be seen as leaning towards the positive or negative side.

We include the Child card in this grouping. However, if representing the querent, it should be treated as the Lord and Lord cards.


The terms positive and negative have connotations with being good and bad. However, innate goodness or otherwise is not what determines if a card is positive or negative. After all, there is nothing inherently good about a floral arrangement or bad about foxes.

Our classification of positivity and negativity rests on facilitation.

The Flowers card is positive, but it infers an agreement can be made. The Sun brings the necessary warmth and fundamental changes needed to sustain life.

In contrast, the Coffin does not facilitate anything. It is a container for a decomposing corpse. Renard cannot facilitate because he is in competition with you and steals your chickens.

Noting the cards’ inclination towards facilitation can help the cartomante determine the ease of the desired outcome. If two out of three cards are negative, it is unlikely the desired outcome will occur without significant effort.

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