Welcome to the Cartomantes’ Cabinet. Here you can access different learning resources and material to aid you in your journey with the Petit Lenormand.

The Cartomantes’ Cabinet Course ran between 2012 and 2015 in response to numerous requests for help. Running such a course is extremely rewarding; however, it became impractical in the long-term. Still, the resources here preserve much of the original content and incremental structure but in an expanded form. Depending on your level and needs, you will be able to access advice on decks, how to build combinations and different spreads.

Alongside the Cabinet, I do offer 1:1 mentoring, and once a year, formal courses (next: 2021).

Unlike other programmes, all my mentoring is hands-on and based around actual readings. As such, I do not teach you endless theory and facts you will not need. I work with you to get you reading the cards. Everything is practical and based on experience.

Once again, I wish you well in your studies and hope that the information below is of use.

What is a Petit Lenormand deck? What is its history, and who was Mlle Le Normand? Check the Background Page for answers to these questions and more.

Which cards are read as people and when? Which cards are timing cards? The Petit Lenormand cards are divided into several categories, from polarity to thematic significators. You can learn the different associations in the Card Grouping section.

Is the Boat card just about travel? What does it mean if it is on the far right of a line? The Card Meanings will introduce you to each of the thirty-six cards and their significations.

Do you want a list of combinations? No. You want to learn how to make combinations. Click on the Building Combinations Page and learn how the cards’ dialect works.

Ready to start reading? We have lines, dragon heads and thirteen cards read in a count of five. That is alongside crosses, stars and squares. Click on Spreads for instructions and real examples.

Coming Autumn 2020.

Coming Autumn 2020

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