From here you can access a comprehensive overview of each of the thirty-six pictures that make up the classic Petit Lenormand deck.

At the start of each discussion, I have included the cards’ original “meaning” as outlined in the so-called Philippe Lenormand sheet. After that, we discuss the individual card’s progressed significations.

Much of the information presented, here, comes from the first draft of my book Lenormand: Thirty-Six Cards. During the editing process, much text was cut, and over 50% of that came from the cards’ signification section. Nothing that made the final publication has been repeated.

It is important to note that these are the significations that I use and are not presented as the “correct” or “true” meanings. 

At the end of each discussion is a quick breakdown of the cards. It is here that the most crucial piece of information is given: the essence. The essence of a card is its core signification or essential nature. I believe that if you know the card’s nature, you will be able to read it in any context. I have bowed to expectation and given you keywords. However, I urge you to focus on the essence and not to memorise keywords or other definitions.

Both timing and health associations are also given alongside the categories.

Throughout the Cabinet the Brepols’ pattern Lenormand is referred to. This pattern was first published at the turn of the last century, but has been extremely influential. It is now circulated by Carta Mundi. These cards are strongly recommended by the present author and it is my primary deck.

The Cards:

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