We will divide the Petit Lenormand cards into several groupings. The different categories identify specific nuances shared between cards.

In readings, these different rankings allow the reader to identify important details such as facilitation or if a card is a person or not.

For example, animal cards all indicate some form of behaviour or action. These are the Cavalier (horse), the Serpent, the Birds, Renard, the Bear, the Stork, the Dog, the Mice and the Fishes. The Mice purloin, the Stork migrates, and the horse on the Cavalier card transports him so he can deliver his tidings.

This can be contrasted with the object cards, which includes the botanical cards. These cards can ameliorate as they are tools. The Book gives you information, the Cloverleaf a brief window of opportunity, and so on. Places denote areas and environment.

The categories explained, here, are:

The Suits
The Polarities
The Thematic Categories

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