Andy B has had a lifelong interest in in divination and fortune-telling.

He was introduced to the Petit Lenormand by his late aunt, Elisa. Dismissive at first, Andy soon saw these cards were a divinatory system of incredible depth and power. The cards have fascinated him ever since and he continues to work with them on a daily basis.

Over the last thirty years, he has continued to further his studies through both private mentoring, texts and trial and error. Andy believes the study of divination and magic is a lifetime commitment. He admires the old astrologers who, after a lifetime of practice and research, would still sign themselves off as “students of astrology.”

Despite such an interest Andy never intended to read professionally. Instead, he pursued a career in healthcare, working in clinical governance. He continues to work for the NHS on a part-time basis.

However, as a student, he was recruited to work on the psychic telephone lines. This, he says, was good practice in focus and speed. Since that time he has continued to provide readings on a part-time basis. This became his main income for a time after being diagnosed with an autoimmune illness. Despite the difficulties, he found this period rewarding as his readings became sharper.

Andy currently resides in the UK.

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